Those Shoes Are Mean't For Walking!

Well not all shoes are meant for walking! Some shoes are just mean’t to be cute and to add cuteness to the baby that you love, and want to show off to others! Us moms and grand mom’s can’t help ourselves. We are just naturally fashionista’s at heart!


But, baby shoes are not all alike. When you become a new mom, all of the sudden you have questions on what is the best shoe for your little one. Here is some advise and tips from me: grandma Tiffany, that I would love to share with you.


First question is “what are your choices in shoes”? Well there are many. Moccasins, Slip On’s, Crochet Booties. They can be made of fabric, leather, or soft organic material.

As, grandma to Piper Jade and having to figure it all out with my own daughter, Chanel, I think it is best to use slip on sock type shoes or crochet booties for the first 1-3 months of your babies life. Your baby is not walking yet, so you might as well put on the most comfortable shoes that will protect your babies feet from getting cold.

From there, then I think you can graduate to moccasins from 3 months on up. Soft soles with flex are perfect until the day your child starts walking. Then it’s time to start graduating to a shoe with a little more support. Something with a stiff leather bottom, with some flex, and soft leather or fabric top that doesn’t hurt your child’s feet would be best.

It is a good idea to buy your baby booties or shoes a little bigger, as your babies feet will grow quickly! From past experience, with my daughter, Chanel, I never had the chance for her to wear a lot of the shoes that I bought for her because she out grew them quickly. Live and learn!……:)


Be careful, with putting on shoes that are too big for your child, especially if they have rubber soles. This can trip your child when they are learning how to walk.

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