Transitioning baby’s summer wardrobe to fall

The summer’s hottest days are likely behind us. We’ll soon be transitioning from splashes in the pool to jumps into leaf piles and you might not be ready to let your little one’s summer outfits go just yet.

That’s perfectly fine, and there are great ways to use some of your summer clothing pieces to transition into fall. Layering outfits is ideal this time of year. If you send your children to school with layers, they can always remove some as the day gets warmer in these days where the temperature can heat up by 20 degrees.

Plus, if you take your child out in the evening, those shorts and sandals might suddenly become too chilly the minute the sun goes down, which gets earlier and earlier this time of year. Adding some essential laying pieces to your diaper bag or a bag you keep in your car can help you stay prepared for anything.

Here are our favorite layering pieces for any and all of your summer outfits to extend them into cooler weather.

Add a hat

Learning how your body regulates its internal temperature in colder months can help you plan. The body actually squeezes blood vessels near the skin to keep you warm. But did you know that the blood vessels near your head are not as efficient at this? It’s true! And that’s where hats come in.

According to Harvard research, you can lose as much as 50 percent of your total body heat through your head. Additionally, a cold head can lead to defense mechanisms in the body that leave your hands and feet cold, even with socks and mittens.

At that point, it almost doesn’t matter what you’re wearing elsewhere, you’ll be cold. You certainly don’t want your child to be cold and a hat can help that.

Piper Jade Kids Clothing offers a variety of hats to help you keep your child warm. Plus, we have many hats in neutral colors that will look great with anything you pair them with.

For girls, we love the grey bow knit cap. The design is incredibly simple and yet so stylish and cute. The white and grey colors also help it match your daughter’s full wardrobe. That means you can pack it once and always be confident that you have a hat that matches any outfit your child is wearing that day.

For boys and girls, consider the Gray Pom Pom Bonnet. One of the best features about this hat is the fact that it fastens under your child’s chin for all that active play they participate in. Sizes range from infant to seven years old. With a charming and slightly retro popcorn knit pattern and a pom on top, you’ll love this wardrobe essential. 

Use sweaters

There are plenty of zip-up fleece jackets that you can pick up at just about any retailer. However, these jackets don’t really make a fashion statement the way a sweater can. Plus, fleece jackets tend to dress down your cutest and sweetest outfits.

A versatile sweater can keep your child comfortable in even the slightest bit of chill. These are great even in the summertime. That’s because you just never know how a restaurant or store will set their air conditioning.

The Neutral Grey Crochet Knit Hoodie is the perfect sweater to keep on hand all year long. And, it’s great for boys and girls. With a double-breasted button closure, this little hoodie is both functional and adorable. The side pockets add both intrigue and a place for your little one to keep their hands warm or place a small toy or snack.

Jackets can make a statement

The right jacket won’t hide an outfit but will enhance it. The key is choosing a strong staple jacket that makes a fashion statement and your child won’t peel it off at a moment’s notice. A jacket can add a neat layered look to an outfit.

The Reversible Bomber Jacket is both fashionable and versatile. The outside features a floral pattern. It’s great for both boys and girls. While it is floral, the pattern still speaks to your son’s masculinity and strength. The reverse side is solid black, which is great for using with a summer outfit that already has a pattern to it. Another great feature of this jacket is that it’s sustainably made in downtown Los Angeles. 

Sweatshirts extend your tees

If you have a drawer full of tees that you want your child to still get more use out of, consider a sweatshirt. Layering tees with sweatshirts can help your child keep wearing their tees without being too chilly.

Plus, sweatshirts are a little more dress down than a sweater or jacket so they’ll look great with jeans or other casual pants. 

Your little girl will absolutely love the Unicorn Sweatshirt. The sweatshirt features a braided rainbow mane and gold sparkly horn. It comes in both white and a pale blue to match the style and spark of your little girl. It pairs great with tutu skirts or jeans to give you just want you need to extend your summer wardrobe.

For boys, add the Surf Pullover Long Sleeve T-Shirt to your wardrobe that will easily pull over a short-sleeve tee. The word “surf” on the front will remind you of all the fun you had with your child over the summer. It’s super cozy and perfect for when your little guy just needs something light on his arms.

Complete the look with boots

If you want your summer transition clothes to look convincingly fall, add a pair of boots to the ensemble. In fashion, it used to be that boots were only for the dead of winter or when the snow starts to fly. That left those of us in warmer climates without the option to ever wear boots. You’ll find, that isn’t the case anymore and the right pair can transition your outfits nicely.

In fact, even Glamour Magazine Wrote an article about how boots can really be worn year-round, if they’re the right boots. 

We’re positively smitten with the Glitter Glamour Girl High Shoes that look a lot like boots. They are quality made and are leather uppers with an ecru canvas lining.

For something more gender neutral, check out the Brown Leather Lace Up Booties. These all leather boots come in sizes 1 to 6 for children from infants to 3 years old.

Summer to fall outfits

Some people are ready to put summer and the summer outfits behind them, and that’s OK! If you’re looking to purchase a couple transitional outfits, we have some great recommendations for that too. 

The Riley Top and Pant Set is 100 percent organic cotton and is super soft and comfy for your little one. This outfit is completely free of any harmful substances so you can feel good about how you’re dressing your child.

Purchase the Paulette Adelaida Black 2-piece Outfit for a fashionable option with light long sleeves and pants. The striped and frill top is comfortable and made of 100 percent organic cotton. It’s the perfect outfit for your little girl this fall.

For boys, consider the Lenny Overalls Shirt Set. The detachable braces on the pants make the outfit versatile, and overalls are very in fashion. You’ll love the button details on the shirt too!

For more, shop the full Piper Jade Kids Clothing collection, complete with accessories, shoes, toys and décor.