Piper and her mommy "Chanel" about page on how we started piper jade kids clothing online store located in costa mesa, california selling cute clothes for infants, toddlers and children from newborn to six years of age.


Welcome to Piper Jade Kids!

I’m Chanel, lover of all things fashion and proud mama to Piper Jade! When I was pregnant with Piper, I was SO excited to find the cutest things to dress my baby girl in! I ended up disappointed though because everything at the stores looked kind of the same - cute, but not great quality and not much too choose from.
I wanted unique, high-quality clothes, toys, and accessories for my little Piper, and I knew I wasn’t the only parent who felt that way. That led to me giving some serious thought to opening my own children’s boutique!

 Then, the my precious little Piper made her grand appearance into the world! She is an amazing, brilliant, beautiful baby girl full of love and joy (I’m not proud at ALLLLLLL!).

 She’s TOUGH, too! Piper Jade was born with a very rare congenital heart defect called Shone’s Complex. She’s already had to undergo two major surgeries, including one when she was just three days old - but, she does NOT let that stop her! She’s so full of joy, love, and life!

Piper is my motivation to live my dreams out and succeed so I can create the best life for her. I dreamed of opening a children’s boutique, and she inspired me to do it, which is why I named the shop after her. .

I understand EXACTLY how precious your baby is to you, that is why  I choose everything for my shop with love, just like I’m buying clothes for my Piper. You will only see lovely, high-quality, fun clothes, toys, and accessories that are also perfect for play in my shop!

Also, know that you’re shopping for an incredible cause!  Piper Jade has a journey ahead of her as she still has two more open heart surgeries to go. However, the amazing doctors and nurses at both Children’s Hospital of Orange County and Children’s Hospital LA have provided incredible care, and we are completely grateful to both facilities. We gladly donate 10% of our profits to these incredible organizations!

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Lots of love,

Chanel & Piper